there’s something dangerous about the boredom of teenage girls. 

the virgin suicides (1999) , spring breakers (2012) , twin peaks (1990 - 1991) , lolita (1997) , cracks (2009) , stoker (2013) 


Really the stereotype that Jewish women and girls are just loud human-shaped complaint factories does a good job of shielding misogynists and antisemites and misogynist-antisemites from criticism

'Cause if a Jewish girl or woman raises a ruckus over something insulting someone said, she can be brushed off as just another complainy loud-mouthed Jewish girl


Male privilege is feeling so entitled to getting whatever you want that you argue with women over the right to call yourself a feminist, because you don’t like the sound of “feminist ally”, thus proving that your biggest priority in the feminist movement is yourself.